Gifted Treatments :

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time & energy to helps others without expecting anything in return" Nelson Mandela

Gifted treatments are available once a week (this clinic is not funded by any trust , charity or organisation, and is allocated from my normal tattooing being of an amount that i can work for free that week), and with the NIP (nipple innovation project) free clinic which is one pre selected day a month, funded by donations either fully or partially funded via the NIP charity.

These spaces are for people coming via recommendation from the charity or selected surgeon recommendations only.

These spaces are limited to people who are unable to have their treatment funded or fund their treatment themselves. Funding can be applied through my website contact form or via

please note all bookings require a £50 admin fee (this goes towards admin, consumables, time and insurance) please note that all Pro Bono work is not funded by any NHS hospital or Trusts. Bookings of this nature are limited but are still quicker than those currently offered by local NHS trusts.


This clinic allows people who would otherwise be overlooked to gain access to realistic and long lasting nipple tattoos that are currently not available on the NHS. The NHS offer results that are designed to fade and need many treatments to keep them looking fresh.


The service is charged at £250 unilateral and £350 bi lateral for all sessions and aftercare needed for 2 session visits, where as other artists and the NHS charge per session (from £354 -£856 (figures are from a freedom of information request to all NHS trusts across the UK) this figure would be charged to you or the NHS trusts on you behalf after every visit.


I feel everyone should have the equal chance to have their life changed for the better. If you have received this service and now are in the position to help fund someone else please donate on the NIP website. We are a small charity that relies on donations from the public currently and our work has been severely impacted due to the covid pandemic. If you would like to hold a fundraiser or give even a few pounds it will make a difference to someone who has gone through cancer.Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis to apply please email , subject gifted treatment, or via

Funding in the UK through the Nipple Innovation Project (pictured below) based in Keighley, near Bradford/Leeds  (details can be found on their website check the inspiring links page A charity i am heavily involved with and provide the verified artist cover for Kent. We value community over competition and welcome applications for funding for anyone , so you can get this work done in the quickest time possible (no hospital environment or NHS waiting lists)