Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic medical tattoo technique that is used to replicate the look of hair follicles with a strategically placed amount of dots. It can be used to treat baldness alopecia and scars, it can give you a natural more youthful shaved hairstyle, or give you more density to your existing hair.

SMP offers a non surgical treatment alternative ,that can be done anywhere on the scalp that is thinning to complete baldness. 


You see immediate results developing over the sessions to look the most natural and realistic as possible. SMP is not the same as a normal tattoo, it requires a different approach with specialist machines, pigment and needles. Although like most tattoo procedures some discomfort and redness is to be expected after treatment. 

Working with precision technique and pigment , taking into account your natural skin tones and hair colour , your SMP will last years and not turn blue or orange. Top ups maybe required depending on lifestyle and sun exposure after 3-4 years to keep your style looking fresh.


Treatment is safe (single use equipment every time) the studio if fully licensed and insured to carry out this procedure. The depth of the needle is only put into the upper dermis and does not cause damage to the hair follicles underneath, sometimes it can even encourage dormant hair growth.


treatment sessions will take between 3-4 sessions over a 6-8 week period and can last 2-4hrs, depending on your needs.To get a quote please email with close up well lit photos of your hair loss and i can provide you with an accurate quote and more details. 

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